Welding Rollers For Vessel Tank and Pipe- MISA WELDING
Welding Rollers For Vessel Tank and Pipe- MISA WELDING
Welding Rollers For Vessel Tank and Pipe- MISA WELDING
Welding Rollers For Vessel Tank and Pipe- MISA WELDING
Welding Rollers For Vessel Tank and Pipe- MISA WELDING
Welding Rollers For Vessel Tank and Pipe- MISA WELDING

MISA supply all kinds of welding rotators, including self-aligning type and conventional type. To learn more about fit-up rotators and anti drift rotators, please contact with our sales team.

* Loading capacity from 2Ton to 2000Ton

* Pipe diameter range from 150mm to 15,000mm

* Power supply customized from 110V to 600V

* Wheels material can be adopted Polyurethane, Metal and Rubber

* Mechanical structure can be design for Self-aligning, Conventional or Hydraulic type

Welding Rollers For Vessel Tank and Pipe- MISA WELDING

MISA Welding Rollers

Welding Rollers are similar to positioners, in that it's a mechanical means to rotate culindrical vessels. They minimise handing, increase efficiency, and dramatically improve the quality of workmanship from welders of all skill levels. MISA can supply conventional and self-aligning welding rollers to suit various sizes of weldments across a variety of sectors. Any steelworks with cylindrical vessels for windtower production, a rotator will be beneficial, sometimes a necessity. If the weldment is cylindrical, a rotator will make a huge difference to most welding processes including SAW TIG MIG and ARC.


What is the working mode of the adjustable welding rollers

The two motors and the reducer of the driving frame are controlled by the same frequency converter to realize the stepless speed change and synchronous operation of the two motors. The motor drives the driving wheel through the transmission system. The welding workpiece is  placed on the driving wheel and the driven wheel. When the driving wheel is running, the friction between the workpiece and driving roller drives the workpiece to run. The linear speed of the welding position on the workpiece is the welding speed. The friction between the rotating workpiece and the driven roller drives the driven roller to rotate.

What are the advantages of welding rollers

The equipment adopts a manual control box to control the start, stop, forward and reverse rotation of the equipment, which is very convenient to operate.

The equipment adopts the separated structure of driving and driven frames, which can adapt to workpieces of any length.

The pipe welding roller is driven by constant torque frequency conversion control motor. In this way, the speed adjustment of the equipment becomes wider, with strong load capacity and good low-speed stability.

The equipment adopts polyurethane roller design, which increases the friction between the roller and the workpiece and makes the equipment temperature resistant, friction resistant and non slip.

For the pipe welding roller frame, the whole machine adopts the welding machine structure design, which makes the equipment compact and rigid, and can be used in many places.

What are the manitenance of welding rollers?

1. This welding roller needs to be cleaned before use. In addition to avviding aging,rubber rollers should also be kept away from oil and heat. It is best to have a specific person to run and keep this gadget.

2. Before starting, the reducer should be filled with a large amount of 30# oil, and 30# oil should also be filled when the ambient temperature is below 0℃.

3. The oil in the reducer needs to be completely replaced after the first month of ues, and the engine oil can be replaced every six months thereafter.

4. The roller bed cannot be used as a welding ground to ensure that the bearings are not damaged.

Why always MISA?

1. 360°guarantee makes ordering risk free.

2. 20 years welding machine manufacture experiences.

3. one-stop service of welding.

4. OEM service.

5. Quickly feedback for your problems.


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