Welding Rotators and Tank Turning Rolls| MISA
Welding Rotators and Tank Turning Rolls| MISA
Welding Rotators and Tank Turning Rolls| MISA
Welding Rotators and Tank Turning Rolls| MISA
Welding Rotators and Tank Turning Rolls| MISA
Welding Rotators and Tank Turning Rolls| MISA

MISA supply all kinds of welding rotators, including self-aligning type and conventional type. To learn more about fit-up rotators and anti drift rotators, please contact with our sales team.

* Loading capacity from 2Ton to 2000Ton

* Pipe diameter range from 150mm to 15,000mm

* Power supply customized from 110V to 600V

* Wheels material can be adopted Polyurethane, Metal and Rubber

* Mechanical structure can be design for Self-aligning, Conventional or Hydraulic type

Welding Rotators and Tank Turning Rolls

Welding rotators are similar to positioners, in that it's a mechanical means to rotate cylindrical vessels. They minimise handling, increase efficiency, and dramatically improve the quality of workmanship from welders of all skill levels. MISA can supply conventional and self-aligning welding rotators to suit various sizes of weldments across a variety of sectors. Any steelworks with cylindrical vessels, be it small diameter piping to large industrial cylindrical vessels for windtower production, a tank rotator will be beneficial, sometimes a necessity. If the weldment is cylindrical, a tank rotator will make a huge difference to most welding processes including, SAW, TIG, MIG and ARC.

Conventional Welding Rotators

The conventional welding rotator usually consists of two parts, the driving unit, and the idle unit. The driving unit supplies power to the device and for speed regulation.


Self-aligning Welding Rotator

Self-aligning welding rotator sizes range from 5 to 100 Tons. This special design allows the welding rotator to be automatically aligned to different vessel diameters.


What Are the Parts of a Tank Rotator?

Image where you can clearly see the parts and components of tank rotators

The traditional tank rotator is comprised of two (2) parts:

Idler supporting unit

Motorized drive unit (power)

When dissected, each of them would have different parts, too!

Idler Supporting Unit

The idler support, or more commonly referred to as the “base” is the part that carries the wheels or the mediums that perform the rotation or the twisting of the workpiece.

Parts of the idler supporting unit include:

Drive turning roll

Driven wheel frame


Motorized Drive Unit

Akin to the idler supporting unit, the motorized drive unit is also comprised of different parts and components.

For the benefit of everyone, the motorized drive unit is the part of the rotator that gives off the power and the energy to make the tank rotator work.

The controller and the motor are two (2) of the most important parts of the motorized drive unit.

These are the parts of a tank rotator. Some tank rotator manufacturers and suppliers might add too few parts and components to complement it, but these are the parts of a traditional rotator.

What Are The Maintenances of Welding Rotator?

  1. This welding rotator needs to be cleaned before use. In addition to avoiding aging, rubber rollers, should also be kept away from oil and heat. It is best to have a specific person to run and keep this gadget.

  2. Before starting, the reducer should be filled when the ambient temperature is below 0℃.

  3. The oil in the reducer needs to be completely replaced after the first month of use, and the engine oil can be replaced every six months thereafter.

  4. The roller bed cannot be used as a welding ground to ensure that the bearings are not damaged.

Can You Make a DIY Welding Rotator?


Yes. MISA has designed and manufactured a catalogue of innovative and accomplished products, along with exclusive engineering solutions for customers all over the world. With our comprehensive in-house capabilities, advanced design technology and manufacturing expertise. We have total control of production and ability to meet our customer's requirements.

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