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Application of welding positioner in flange

Flange is a part of the shaft and shaft which are connected with each other, and is used for connection between pipe ends; It is also used for the connection between two equipment, such as the flange of reducer. Flange joint is a kind of parts which are widely used in engineering design and involve in many fields. It is an essential part of piping design and pipe fitting valve, and also an essential component in equipment and equipment parts (such as manhole, mirror level gauge, etc.). In addition, other specialties such as industrial furnace, thermal engineering, water supply and drainage, heating and ventilation, automatic control, etc., also often use flange joints.

When installing the flange, we need to use our welding positioner. Welding positioner is a kind of universal high efficiency welding equipment for circumferential welding.. The product is mainly composed of a rotating head, a transposition mechanism and a controller. By rotating the weldment to be welded, the equipment can be welded to the ideal position for welding operation. The welding positioner produced by our company can make the workpiece realize 360 ° Swing or 120 ° Turn over, and use with the operating frame, submerged arc welding or gas welding to make the workpiece reach the ideal welding position; The imported inverter has no pole speed regulation, high precision and wide range; The structure can be divided into the roll type, the head and tail rotation type, the head and tail lifting type, the head tail tilting type and the double rotation type. The welding positioner makes the workpiece move in various degrees of freedom, and makes the welding parts reach the position set, so that the welding operation is simple and convenient

Nowadays, welding positioner has quietly become an indispensable equipment in manufacturing industry, which is classified as welding auxiliary machine in welding field. This product has been widely used in construction machinery industry. As far as type series and specifications are concerned, there are more than ten series and more than 100 varieties and specifications that have been published, and a small industry is being formed

Welding positioner is a device that makes the welding seam in horizontal or fillet position by turning or tilting the worktable. The rotation of the worktable adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, and the worktable is driven to tilt by sector gear or hydraulic cylinder. The turnover angle of the worktable is 0 ° to 120 °. It can realize joint control with operator or welding machine. The control system can be controlled by PLC or VFD. This product is widely used in the welding of all kinds of shaft, disc, cylinder and other rotary parts.

Welding Positioner is a special welding auxiliary equipment, which is suitable for welding positioner of rotary work, in order to get the ideal processing position and welding speed. It can be used with operating machine and welding machine to form automatic welding center. It can also be used for workpiece displacement in manual operation.

1. The main function of welding positioner is to turn the workpiece during welding, so as to obtain a good welding position, which can meet a variety of welding quality and appearance requirements.

2. The base of positioner is welded with thickened profile and steel plate. After annealing treatment, the quality and accuracy are reliable.

3. The turnover is driven by servo motor, and the reducer adopts high precision reducer, with reliable precision and adjustable speed.

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Application of welding positioner in flange
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