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Application of welding positioner in pipe elbow

Pipe elbow is one of the most important components in pressure pipeline. It is usually located in the direction changing position of the pipeline, and often becomes the high stress part of the pipeline system. Its load is very complex, and its stiffness is lower than that of the straight pipe connected with it, so it is easy to absorb the force and torque of thermal expansion and cold contraction in the form of deformation. In addition, due to the dead weight of the pipe system, the deviation in the assembly process and the uneven foundation settlement of the supporting pipe system, the pipe may bear bending moment, torque, axial force and other external loads.


Most of the elbow and straight pipe are connected by welding. The welding positioner is used as the auxiliary welding equipment, and it is called the three main welding auxiliary equipment together with welding manipulator and welding rotator. At present, the manufacturing of welding positioner in China has become more and more perfect, and the scope of use has become very wide. The structure and application of welding positioner are mainly to make the workpiece in the best welding position through the lifting, rotation, turnover and other movements of the worktable. There are many kinds of structural forms, such as rollover type, head and tail type, lifting type, double rotation and so on. It can be matched with the welding operation frame to form an automatic welding machine, and can also be matched with the robot to realize automatic welding. At the same time, we can design and customize all kinds of special welding positioner according to the user's workpiece and process requirements.


Welding positioner consists of turing and overturning mechanism of working table, turning and overturning make the workpiece to reach a reasonable welding and fitting angle by the elevating of the working table, the turning of working table is frequency conversion which can get a satisfactory welding speed.

   Because of the eccentricity and center of gravity, to the longer and more offset from gravity center workpiece, large model should be chosen. Pls do give us the shape and weight of the workpiece, also the processing technology, we can give you the suitable idea.

Welding Positioner can be used at automatic welding or manual welding, such as pipe horizontal welding, tube end welding, axle, tray and barrel, it can be wildly used in the pressure vessels equipment, metallurgy, electric power,  chemical machine etc industry.

Application of welding positioner in pipe elbow
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