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Application of welding rotator in wind power

Wind power generation equipment is the use of wind energy into electrical energy equipment. Wind energy, an ancient energy source, is favored in many countries and regions, reflecting a new trend of international power development. The technical status and actual operation of wind power generation show that it is a safe and reliable power generation mode. With the technology maturity of large units and the process of commercialization of products, the cost of wind power generation will be reduced, and it has the ability to compete with other power generation means. Compared with other power generation methods, wind power has short construction period, flexible installed capacity and convenient fund raising; It has the advantages of simple operation, less land occupation and low requirement for land. It can be constructed in hilly, seaside, riverbank, desert and other topographical conditions. In addition, there are diversified characteristics in the power generation mode, which can not only operate on the Internet, but also form a complementary system with diesel generators or operate independently, which provides a realistic possibility for solving the power consumption problem in remote areas without power. These are both the characteristics and advantages of wind power.


In the construction process of wind power generation equipment, welding equipment auxiliary device is also indispensable. The welding rotator is a displacement device which uses the friction between the driving roller and the weldment to drive the workpiece to rotate. It can automatically adjust the swing angle of the wheel group according to the diameter of the workpiece. It can be arbitrarily combined according to the weight and length of the weldment. It is convenient and flexible to use; The roller center distance can be automatically adjusted within the specified range, which is suitable for weldments with different diameters. The cylindrical weldments are placed stably; Silicon controlled DC motor drive, stepless speed regulation, wide welding speed range, stable speed. It has strong applicability and is widely used.


Welding rotator can be divided into many types. The common welding rotator types are adjustable rotator and self-adjusting rotator. There are different models of adjustable welding rotator and self-adjusting welding rotator. Each welding rotator has different size, shape, bearing capacity and application fields. The advantage of adjustable welding roller carrier is to adjust the center distance of roller by reserving screw hole or lead screw to adapt to the change of workpiece diameter. The drive adopts cycloid pin gear reducer or worm gear reducer, Double motor drive. Therefore, when choosing the welding rotator, we must choose the equipment suitable for our products according to our own application.

Application of welding rotator in wind power
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