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Application of welding rotator in Pressure Vessel

Pressure vessel is a kind of airtight equipment which contains gas or liquid and bears a certain pressure. Pressure vessel is widely used in many fields, such as industry, civil, military and scientific research. Most of them are used in chemical industry and petrochemical industry, mainly for heat transfer, mass transfer, reaction and other process, as well as storage and transportation of pressure gas or liquefied gas.


In the manufacturing process of pressure vessel, welding rotator is an indispensable auxiliary equipment. The welding rotator drives the active roller through the transmission device, and uses the friction between the active roller and the cylinder workpiece to drive the workpiece to rotate and realize the displacement, which can realize the horizontal position welding of the inner and outer circumferential seam and the inner and outer longitudinal seam of the pressure vessel cylinder. The matching automatic welding equipment can realize the automatic welding, greatly improve the weld quality, reduce the labor intensity and improve the work efficiency.The welding methods of metal pipeline usually include submerged arc welding, gas shielded arc welding and TIG welding.


The welding rotator adopts the manual control box to control the start stop  forward and reverse rotation of the equipment, which is very convenient to operate. The welding rotator adopts the structure of separating the driving frame and the driven frame, which can adapt to any length of workpiece. The pipe welding rotator is driven by constant torque variable frequency control motor. In this way, the speed adjustment of the equipment becomes wider, and the load capacity is strong, and the low-speed stability is good. The roller frame is designed with polyurethane roller, which increases the friction between the roller and the workpiece, and makes the equipment resistant to temperature, friction and skid. For the welding rotator, the whole machine adopts the structural design of welding machine, which makes the structure of the equipment compact and rigid, and can be used in many places.


Standardized use of welding rotator can prolong the service life of roller and avoid accidents.Before use, check whether the external environment meets the requirements without interference of foreign matters. There is no abnormal noise, vibration and smell during the power on air operation, and there is no looseness of the bolts at the mechanical joints. If there is looseness, it can be used after tightening; Check whether there are sundries on the track of the formation machine, whether the hydraulic system operates normally, and whether the roller rotates normally.

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Application of welding rotator in Pressure Vessel
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