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Brief Introduction Of Welding Rotator

Welding rotator is a device which drives cylindrical (or conical) weldment to rotate by means of friction between weldment and driving roller. Some large machines mainly used in heavy industry.


Welding rotator is characterized by applying pressure in the welding process without adding filler material. Most pressure welding methods, such as diffusion welding, high frequency welding and cold pressure welding, have no melting process, so there is no such problem as the burning of beneficial alloy elements and the invasion of harmful elements into the weld as fusion welding. The roller frame is welded to simplify the welding process and improve the welding safety and health conditions. At the same time, because the heating temperature is lower than that of fusion welding and the heating time is shorter, the heat affected zone is smaller. For many materials that are difficult to be welded by fusion welding, pressure welding can be used to form high-quality joints with the same strength as the base metal.



Welding rotator is a kind of auxiliary welding equipment, which is commonly used in the welding of inner and outer circumferential seam and inner and outer longitudinal seam of cylindrical workpiece. It consists of base, driving roller, driven roller, bracket, transmission device, power device, etc. The transmission device drives the active roller, and uses the friction between the active roller and the cylinder workpiece to drive the workpiece to rotate and realize the displacement, which can realize the horizontal position welding of the inner and outer circumferential seam and the inner and outer longitudinal seam of the workpiece. The matching automatic welding equipment can realize the automatic welding, which can greatly improve the welding seam quality, reduce the labor intensity and improve the work efficiency. The welding rotator can also be used with manual welding or as the equipment for detecting and assembling cylinder workpieces.


The transmission device is used as the power source to control the rolling of the workpiece by driving the active roller, and the friction between the active roller and the cylinder workpiece is used to drive the rolling of the workpiece, so as to realize the welding of the inner and outer ring longitudinal seam. Wuxi MISA can realize the full-automatic welding. Of course, it can also be used with manual welding or inspection and assembly of cylindrical workpiece. It can effectively avoid sliding and other situations.

The welding rotator needs cleansing before taking into use. As well as to stay clear of aging, the rubber rollers should stay away from oils as well as heat. Preferably, there must be a particular individual to run and keep this gadget. Prior to starting, the speed reducer should have lots of 30 # engine oil, which is likewise needed when the environment temperature is listed below 0 ℃. The oil inside the speed reducer needs to be totally replaced after the use of the first month, and also later, the engine oil can be altered every six months.The roller bed can not be used as the welding ground to ensure that bearings can be protected from damage.Painting rotators as well as blasting rotators are widely used for turning and also positioning vessel or storage tanks in the sections of chemical engineering, container building, petrochemical and pipe building, and construction. So maintenance is very needed.

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Brief Introduction Of Welding Rotator
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