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Brief Introduction Of Welding Manipulator


   Welding manipulator is a special equipment combined with welding rotator and welding positioner, which can automatically weld the inner and outer circumferential seam, fillet weld, inner and outer longitudinal seam of components. It has fixed, rotary, all position and other structural forms. According to the user's demand, we can choose the structure and match all kinds of welding machines, and add auxiliary functions such as tracking, swing, monitoring, flux recycling and transportation


   The welding manipulator is mainly composed of operation device, control device, power source device and process guarantee device. The operating device includes a guide rail, an angle adjusting mechanism, a vertical guiding mechanism, a welding gun clamp and a welding gun. The angle adjusting mechanism enables the welding gun to rotate around the center in positive and negative directions. The control device is composed of an electrical control system, which can control the working state of the welding manipulator. The power source device is composed of air cylinder, which is driven by air pressure for power transmission. The process guarantee device is composed of wire guide mechanism, wire guide pipe and wire guide nozzle, which can realize the automatic guiding and positioning of welding wire and ensure the quality of welding seam. The welding manipulator can cooperate with the special welding positioner to realize one-time clamping of the cylinder block, and two welding guns can weld the left and right sides at the same time, which greatly improves the machining accuracy and production efficiency.  


   Welding manipulator is generally composed of column, beam, slewing mechanism, trolley and other parts. Each part is a building block structure, and the general column and beam are its basic parts. The rest parts can be selected according to the user's requirements. The column and beam adopt bending and welding structure, which has good rigidity. Light, medium and heavy welding operators adopt triangle guide rail, and super heavy welding operators adopt plane square guide rail, which are ground and high frequency quenched. The high precision and wear resistance of the guide rail are ensured. It is used for longitudinal seam welding and circumferential seam welding of the inner and outer seams of the cylindrical workpiece such as boiler drum and petrochemical vessel in pressure vessel.

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Brief Introduction Of Welding Manipulator
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